Knee Replacement Surgery: A Quarterback’s Success Story

Mr. Ken Matthews of West Beverly High is walking on cloud nine and resting on his laurels. Why won’t he? He is the campus figure of West Beverly High! Everything is going on his favor. College scholarship on the loom and he are hailed as the football quarterback of the Falcons; West Beverly’s undefeated football team. Aside from that, Ken has been a product endorser of a sports energy drink for 3 consecutive years.

Everything is going well with Ken Matthews until he met a tragic vehicular accident one night after attending his girlfriend’s gig in Embassy a popular club along Hollywood drive. The vehicular accident caused
him his knees. The athletic doctor in West Beverly High ordered him to undergo a total knee replacement surgery, for Ken to have the chance to save his football career.

After 6 weeks of his knee surgery, he has undergone rehabilitation and ordered to rest for 8 months. And then 12 months have passed. Mr. Ken Matthews is gradually coming back to the sports circuit. He just signed another contract for his product endorsement and he is taking up remedial classes to make up for his absence in class. Most importantly his college scholarship in UCLA is still in the bag.

knee-replacement-surgery3His girlfriend Jessica Wakefield (pronounced as Wakefield), was by his side all the time during his recuperation.

West Beverly’s quarterback is beginning to let his star shine again. Indeed the complete knee replacement he went through was a success. His orthopaedic surgeon and West Beverly’s sports physician has contributed a lot to make this dynamic young man achieve his dreams.

Mr. Ken Matthews thought after the accident, that it was the end of the road for him. His knee surgery has taken away that sad thought.


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